17 September 2015

Presses in Pop Culture

On the hold shelf at our local library, chances are under my name you might find a collection of Partridge Family discs. Somehow, the boys have been thoroughly enjoying watching old episodes. While the fashion and textiles continue to remain a low point in the history of design, the writing and subject matter of the show has held up surprisingly well through the decades. But in the haze of butterfly collars and trippy bus rides, I happened to geek out during one particular episode that featured a tabletop letterpress used to make handbills. Here is Keith Partridge standing right next the press:

That clunky, big lug of a press looks oddly similar to the Monarch Press I own, but never was able to successfully use (with the feeder board removed, and spray painted gray over the bright orange.)

Which got me thinking: how often do we see presses in pop culture? My favorite example is the Simpsons episode Fraudcast News in which Principal Skinner helps Lisa publish her newspaper after Mr. Burns cuts the power by introducing her to a mimeograph machine he used in Vietnam:

Other than that, nothing else easily comes to mind, but there must be tons of other instances. Have you ever squealed with delight over the momentary flash of a printing press in some random movie/show/video from the past century? Send me your examples! Just send me an email at:
shannon@loadedhipspress.com (or post it to my facebook page ... you do "like" me on facebook, right?) and please include an image if possible so that I can add it to the next post. Include a mailing address and I will send you a little gift in the mail!

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