13 March 2015

New way to find my goods

You can now find my wares at Found on Fremont, an inspiring boutique that features new and vintage items, upcycled housewares, and various other goodies. I have a booth upstairs along the windows that I am sharing with my Mother-in-law, the talented and crafty Kathy, and together our work is a bit different so there is a little something for everyone. I've been busy building new displays and structures for the space, but there's still much to find there currently, including these jewelry holders I made from previous unfinished projects:

Once part of a series of whirligigs I made, back when I had a space for woodworking and one less child (equating to lots more random free time.) They were featured in a silly little animated movie you might still be able to see on YouTube here. These particular figures never managed to find their proper working windmill arms, so instead they are now functional jewelry holders.

You can also find these little bear stuffies, my latest printing-on-fabric endeavor:

Here's a little peak into their creation. First, the linoleum I carved:

After printing the linoleum using non-toxic fabric silkscreen ink onto muslin, each print was washed to test its permanence. Here is the fabric after laundering (thank you, unusually warm March weather!)

Once dry, I paired each bear front with scraps of fabric both new and vintage for the back. These bears are waiting for you to take home, perfect for Easter baskets and Spring equinox celebration.

You can also find these necklaces, as usual they are printed from my various linoleum carvings. The pendants are wood, sealed in museum wax, and feature various stones and metal.

Found on Fremont is located at 47th and Fremont. If you get there before 4pm, you can visit Pip's nearby and grab some of their yummy donuts and amazing house made chai teas.

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