05 November 2014

A little bit about my process

It begins with a messy table. Fueled by coffee, patterns and drawings begin to emerge...


Once a drawing is ready, the pencil lines are transferred to linoleum, and the image is carved.


(Side note: Did you know that pikas have no tails and do not hibernate?)

Next the linoleum is fixed to a piece of pressed fiber board and is ready to be printed. Getting out the ink is one my favorite parts of the process. It means I'm done with the registering (the brain-melting part) and ready to work with color. In this case, since pikas live in rocky habitats, I mixed a warm grey for the background. Each color is printed separately. Here's the first print run:

Wall of Pikas

Any other colors or text are added in different print runs, either by hand or letterpress. It can take up to a week for a design to be finished, depending on the number of colors. For the pika, I only used warm grey and gold ink, so I was able to finish him in a day. Here he is:

You can find him here in my Etsy shop.

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