09 October 2014

Another Sketch, with Birds on it

On a road trip to Eugene I noticed brown hawks perched like sentinels on the surrounding fence posts. The birds repeated every couple of mile or so, and were low enough that I could see their faces peering around. Since I know nothing of bird lifestyles, I wondered if the hawks have always been so prominent along our highways and I just never paid attention, or if this was some special time for the birds to be willing to come so close to us.

Later, D and I got to attend an Audubon Society bird talk at a campground, and I felt a little closer to understanding the birds around us. I was proud that D quickly identified the Great Horned Owl (I couldn't get a good shot, but here is a Northern Spotted Owl that was found wounded in the Mt. Hood forest...)

D also identified the Peregrine Falcon, probably from lots of unchecked tv time watching Wild Kratts.

Personally, I fell in love with the American Kestral, because it is so itty bitty and it has beautiful red and blue feathers.

As part of my research of common local flora and fauna, I started sketching and researching the birds that I see and hear of the most in the Northwest. They of course migrate all over - we had herons in Florida - but just recently I came upon a heron in the water while kayaking, and it was a perfect moment of stillness.

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