16 September 2014

Latest library book score

I visit my local library pretty much every other day. It started when I was young, only pausing for the 11 years that I worked in a bookstore. Since having a kid and quitting the bookstore, my visits picked up again full force. I'm thankful to have the freedom again to venture beyond the board books, although I still spend the majority of my visits in the picture book aisles, even though D has moved beyond this territory into superhero reader books.
D reading an old favorite, Iggy Peck Architect

So it was probably more for me and less for him that I scooped up Bluebird by Lindsey Yankey...


The cover draws you into the cozy world of the Bluebird, hovering over serene landscapes. As we follow the story, we are pulled into Bluebird's quest to find a missing friend. I love the layering of yellowed paper, scotch tape lines, and other paper bits to create the dimensions of the world below a circling bluebird. We move over vast open spaces edged in detailed pencil drawings. The trees are dotted with heart-shaped leaves and the greenery is edged in scalloped fences - little details that you notice when you visit the book again and again after finishing the story.

This time of year, when the sun starts to set a little bit earlier, and the chill of the night creeps into daylight hours, I can't help but feel nostalgic and a little weepy, remembering old friends. This story perfectly captures that confusing sting of loss, and it serves as a sweet reminder that in the end, we can always keep our friends near, one way or another.

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