16 October 2012

Nothing Like the Sun in Fall

Autumnal equinoxing means new habits
like taking photos in the sun 
while we still can,
and rearranging furniture
in preparation for
 the next 300 days of gray and rain. 

Here are some new things that I made the last week for the Letterpress Fair this past Saturday. Hand painted signs using letterpress type specimens. 
I take special requests!

The Fair was held at ADX this year and was a huge success thanks to their partnership with Design Week Portland, which brought many non-letterpress design nerds our way, curious about how exactly we do things "the old-fashioned way" (pssst... I would GLADLY exchange some letterpress demos for someone to show me their Cintiq drawing tablet... any offers???) Anyways thanks to all of y'all that turned up, listened to us ramble, and supported your local letterpress community. It was a real success thanks to Em Space and ADX.

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