28 February 2012

Sans frais ... gratuitement.. that means free!

Here's another little morsel of design work free, free, free for now.... inspired by little apple pieces left on our cutting board -

it's a little pillow box that you can make with original digital patterns I created. Download the template, print it out on heavy cardstock, fold at edges, fill with something tiny, sweet, and tasty and give it away to your favorite person. It will look something like this when finished:

I'm putting cat nip in mine, and giving it to our old feline friend, who has endured some recent toddler mishandling.

A little behind on my own imposed deadline of free art every Friday... due to a busy week full of hobby train shows and spending time helping a new chicken adjust to our backyard (the other girls are giving her the cold shoulder, with an occasional loud SQUAWK, and she won't come out unless she hears our voices.)


Kay said...

cool free art..just reminded me I have to go close the coop up for the night!

loaded hips press said...

Yep close the coop especially if you're in the Northwest... it's supposed to snow tonight. Keep those girls warm!