17 February 2012

Ready to Join this Century

... well, mostly. I'm currently sitting next to a cute Kelsey Excelsior letterpress that I'm borrowing from a printer friend, but the rollers are being recast after some time spent in a cold barn. I'm not packing up the ink canisters or anything.

image from Briar Press

That said... I'm going digital, baby!

It was inevitable, and my leap is your fortune. While I'm still a newbie at publishing my digital designs, I'm offering FREE downloads of my work. My goal is to have something posted every Friday, so check back often. Print it out, hang on your wall. Eventually the give-aways will end, but for now, please enjoy!

Today I'm offering this leaping lion I created for a toddler's birthday card from an original painting.

1 comment:

Kay said...

e this press..I learned to use a clamshell in letterpress class at U of Utah and they are a gas!