06 April 2011

Being Present

Where are you? I have never been "here." I'm thinking of what I should be doing, the clock ticking, where's the baby, what's for dinner, what have I not accomplished and why. Stop! Slow down. Breathe....





I thought it would be hard, but it's so simple.

What did we like today?

Easy peasy fun simple things, like painting over magazine pages.

These would be good folded into envelopes. Now you make them... It's called recycling!

My laundry list of favorites:

I would like to emphasize Ranunculus and Artichokes. I'm really into overlapping slivers of leaves/petals. I just planted two different varieties of artichokes in the garden, only to discover there's snow in the forecast. Boo!

Our soundtrack today, the album is peeking through the sumac shadows:

What we disliked today:

polyurethane fumes
forecast of snow
sugar ants
finger pointing

Let's end on a good note.

It's so fun when you have time to make an Etsy Treasury,
it's a good time to celebrate all the wonderful talented amazing Etsy artists!

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