09 December 2010

Gettin' Ready!

In the studio, I've been rockin' out to the collection Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 and getting everything together for the Crafty Wonderland sale this weekend. So giddy! I'm very pleased to say that I will have wares on hand that are not available anywhere else... including these letterpressed gift tags I printed with a simple yummy blue snowflake linocut...

Package of 5 letterpressed gift tags for $3. Please note my work is always discounted in person at holiday sales... I'm also open to trades (gotta get my Christmas gifts somehow!)

I will also have some 1" buttons for sale. These are actual hand-printed linocuts on rice paper with collage elements. Buttons were assembled by Small World Buttons. Only available in person at the Crafty Wonderland sale!

Come find me at booth #169

Yesterday we remembered the life of John Lennon on the anniversary of his death. George was always my favorite, personally, but lately I've really reflected on the amazing presence this man had on our world with his words:

Imagine all the people living life in peace

Now I find his later years to be the most inspirational, his devotion to being a father and his desire to amend his relationship with his beautiful muse. In Yoko's words:

"John was an artist. Why would anyone want to kill an artist?"



Emily said...

We're listening to that right now too!

I wish I could come and soak up some LHP goodness at the show. Those buttons look fab!


loaded hips press said...

Isn't it like way better than the Nuggets boxed set? Also I can't help but think of Pamela DesBarres when listening to it.

Miss you!