12 November 2010

Treasuries and mushrooms

Well, it's been awhile but I finally had some time to spend messing around on Etsy and curating a Treasury. It used to be this amazing feat of luck to land a Treasury spot because only 300 or so were allowed at one time but now there is no limit to them and I believe the current count is over 10,400. The Etsy Treasury feature allows one to choose a theme and hand pick 12 items with alternates whose thumbnails become a virtual gallery collection of that theme. The hope is that Etsy will pick your collection as the front page. The items on the front page of Etsy stay there for but fleeting moments but yet it is still a really BIG DEAL.

I originally wanted to select from my favorite Etsy sellers or from local Portland sellers but soon found that I still had some room to fill. Trying to look for more items was like clicking for a virtual needle in a cascading haystack! I hadn't used Etsy as a buyer in a long time (I'm on a limited income over here) so I had no idea how tedious the process has become. No wonder I haven't sold a &*#$ing thing in a long time.... not all of the search categories appear! And after sifting through poorly photographed non-related items I almost succumbed to defeat... yet I somehow prevailed. The whole process has confirmed my suspicions that Etsy truly is the BLACK HOLE OF ART AND CRAFT.

Here it is --- my little beauty --- my Treasury, inspired by the chanterelles that I brought home, attempted to dry in a dehydrator, packaged in a sealed plastic bag ... only to find them the next week covered in fuzz and mold.

The chanterelles before their sad demise

This may seem like a sad tale, but I like to think it's really about the triumph of the human spirit. That is to say, my Etsy shop still exists, my bookmark to Etsy remains in my toolbar, and my Treasury is full of some really cool items from some very talented artists and crafters. It is alive and kicking... somewhere ... I looked for it, but gave up after page 34. Sigh.

Oh, and next time... I put the dehydrated chanterelles in the freezer.

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