08 November 2010


Totally true confessions: I LOATHE blogging! I long suspected this, and now I know it's true. Nevertheless, I am TRYING. Bear with me.

Announcement numero uno: Website is super brand spankin' new. All revised and revamped and ready for ogling. Many thanks to my really cute Webmaster for making it happen (HTML code and java scripts give me hives.) Making it real right here.

Also! Kudos are in order to my dear friend Anne, who I consider to be the Premier Queen of All Vintage. She really has the finest taste. And she now has a new new new brick and mortar storefront diagonal from Powells Books downtown. She just had her Grand Opening a little over a week ago. Here are some pics I took of the interior -- please note all shop fixtures were designed and built by her skilled husband Chris. I'm very proud and excited for the two of them.

Hooray for Lulu!

You can find her store at 916 W Burnside, next Billy Galaxy's.
In the virtual world you can find her here.

And, last but not least.... one last photo from her shop....

The two postcards in in the foreground read: "For every girl who has the curves there's a guy who has the angles" and "The road to success is filled with women pushing their husbands along." Ha!

Can you spot the Head of the Class screenprints on wood? I'm starting to think that since these items have more of a response in person, well it's time to focus on local Portland retail and less on getting trampled on in the mega-saturated Etsy world. So for a limited time, these gals are on sale 25% off in my Etsy shop. It's time to make room for new creations. You can find my Etsy sale items here

Phew! Well that just about wraps it up. Time to check on my sleepin' little babe and make some hot chai. Hope you and yours are keepin' warm and cozy as the air starts to turn chilly and the sky darkens early.

Oh! One more thing. My laundry list of faves this time around is simply one thing:


(Image courtesy of Burdastyle.)

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, Thanks so much for posting about my store opening! It's interesting to look back and see how sparse it used to look in here. -Lulu