15 September 2010

Why loaded hips?

I can't escape it. I started it for very specific reasons and since then I've grown up so much but I can't change the name loaded hips. Sometimes I resent it. It's too in your face and sexual and charged and my work isn't about that. Well, at least the work that sells isn't about that. And how can I sell more work to a wider audience with such a charged name?

Lately I've been reading Proust and the Squid. It's something about the journey our brains make to connect words on a page with our memories and associations to make the narrative work and how we don't fully know the repercussions of losing that mental activity. That's just my assessment thusfar. It is reminding me of a time when I had all the time in the world to lose myself in a book. To spend all day reading. I miss it, but I feel lucky to have been able to devote any time of my life at all to it. I haven't read far enough into it to understand what loaded phrases do to our brains.

Really I'm getting at something much bigger. Diving into the unknown. Accepting that things have come and gone and can never be the same again. So now, let's do it. Let's jump in!

I'm revamping my website. Baby steps, because... well ... I have a baby and he takes up most of my time and energy. But soon, this is it! We're gonna put the nose the grindstone.

Oh --- and loaded hips started from something that annoyed me terribly, so how apt that it annoys me still. A billboard that said "Watch out boys, these hips are loaded."

Please have faith in me. Check back for changes.


mizu designs said...

I know what you mean about names. But for what it's worth I've always loved 'loaded hips' as your blog/business name. Good luck with the website revamp.

loaded hips press said...

Thanks, mizu designs. I really like that your name, the Japanese word for water, incorporates both the technique and the soul of your medium, by saying that water signifies life.