17 April 2010

In the Vein of Tastemaker's Choice

My friend Emily no longer writes her blog but when she did, each entry was a laundry list of all her favorite things. Her taste of course was impeccable and her blog a joy to read. I've been thinking lately that this is the way to go these days when most of my time is spent chasing after a mobile toddler. So here's to you, Tastemaker's Choice...

Elliott Erwitt.
Wooden spoons.
Fat quarters.
The edge of the blanket.
Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods.
Julia and Jacques.
Yma Sumac.

**Some of these things are what baby likes


Kay said...

what a great idea..funny..I started a new blog a few days ago and it was for venting..but today it was about my favorite summer sound..a baseball game..and I am way happier having posted that

Angelika Conan Bammer said...

Good idea. I find so much happiness in recommending - turning people on to new things. I also cherish my friends that constantly introduce me to new and wonderful things.

I heard a rumor that Yma Sumac's real name is Amy Camus - not sure it's true.

Alchooltime said...

wow really awesome!!