09 September 2009

Finished Softies

Finished three new soft and furry friends. Well... finished them about a month ago, but just now getting around to writing about it.

The patterns for these little guys can be found in Softies Only a Mother Could Love. This book is great because it has a variety of projects for any kind of crafter. I am more of an occasional lazy seamstress, and I was able to finish these without too much heartache while entertaining a newborn.

The monkey friend is made from an old stripey turtleneck. One of my favorites, which suffered from an accidental trip to the dryer. The pants are removable.

This little friend is made from scraps from my mom's collection of fabric. He was the first softie I attempted, and I'm a little embarrassed by some of the careless stitching.

Well now doesn't this donkey make you all warm and fuzzy inside? The green fabric is an argyle sweater of mine that shrank to ill conceived proportions. The yellow and orange floral print is another scrap from my mom's sewing basket.

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