28 July 2009

A Time For Figs

It's 11 am and already 87, supposed to get to 105 degrees today. That's a little warm for Puddletown. So I plan on staying inside in my pajamas, no shower, as long as possible.

The only reason I have to go outside is to pick another bowl full of fresh juicy ripe figs. You know they're ready when they fall right off the branch into your hand, the bottom of the fig opens up like a belly button, and the skin is so thin it feels like the fruit is seconds from bursting. Or, according to the Italians, the fruit hangs from the tree like a man's testicles. Yeah well anyway there's two large fig trees in our neighbor's yard and the branches hang over the fence into our yard and we reap the benefits, as long as we pick 'em before the raccoons and birds get to them.

So I declare this to be FIG WEEK. Fig week officially started on Sunday when we picked the first batch. Monday I made a fig jam which will be eaten later in the week once we have baguette and goat cheese.


1 pound ripe green figs, diced, stems trimmed
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons water

Place figs in a saucepan or skillet. Add sugar and water and heat, stirring to a boil. I'm horrible at following directions and I just poured sugar in without measuring. It was a little more than the suggested amount. Cook uncovered over medium heat until the figs have softened and the mixture thickens, about 10 minutes. I used a potato masher to squish any unbroken pieces of skin apart.

Transfer jam to a bowl and set aside until ready to serve - can be made a couple of days ahead of time, just cover and refrigerate til it's time.

Serve jam on toasted baguette with warmed goat cheese. Yum yum!

(recipe is from Fig Heaven by Marie Simmons)


Alexa said...

OOH that sounds amazing! And thanks for giving me hope that I will actually be able to cook a bit once our little one arrives.

loaded hips press said...

Well, everything has to be cleared by His Highness first, and he runs a tight ship.

mizu designs said...

Fresh figs are the best, aren't they? Fig season here is March and there are trees all over the neighbourhood with big overhanging branches :)