20 July 2009

Some paintings in a web show thing

Hey -- what happened to June? And is July almost over? Greetings from the sleep deprived. I've been watering this little seedling and he's almost ready to hold his head and sit up on his own. It's thrilling. And since I've abandoned the art studio, and most detail oriented tasks, I'm gonna try and post links to other places and call that a blog post. Is that cheating?

Check out this new web series Wage Slaves. It's like a tv show just only on the internets. It's the latest thing. It's a comedy situated in a coffee shop --- and my paintings are in the background! Right now my computer speakers aren't hooked up, so I haven't actually heard a whole episode, but I'm sure it's good.

One of the paintings in Wage Slaves. It's a mausoleum in the Pioneer Cemetery on Morrison. I used to live across the street from this.

The show has even garnered attention from the Oregonian feature writer Margie Boulé. Read her comments here. Good job, guys!

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