09 June 2009

Desmond loves visitors

Thank you friends and family who have stopped by with food and love for our new little family member, proving once again how lucky we are to have such special people in our lives. Mwah!

On Monday Carye Bye stopped by with our freshly printed baby announcements, with original woodcut design, printed and designed at Red Bat Press:

Carye looked really cute on her bike. I just had to take a picture -- what can I say I'm a sucker for stripes.

She stayed long enough to have dinner with us and go for a walk with me down scenic Sacramento street, with it's view of Mt Tabor. She also brought her watercolors and did some very cute quick sketches of us, inspired by her recent watercolors up on display at Reading Frenzy (so sad I missed the opening but I plan to go down there before the month is over.) Check out her works and recently finished publication Hidden Portland, also available at Reading Frenzy.

Some sketches of me by Carye Bye:


Ms. Bathtub said...

I had the best visit! Thanks again! And it's fun to see the recap and little illustrations - which are more people impressions than really quite capturing you...Next time I will make illustrations of Desmond!

loaded hips press said...

Come over anytime!

We really loved your watercolors.