11 June 2009

Daytime TV

Inspired by Carye Bye's visit and watercolor sketches, it felt like time to start making some art again. My subject matter: the horrible daytime tv I've subjected myself to while tending to little Desmond.

Here's Martha; she was the easiest to capture as she often stands very still like this in front of the camera:

Regis and Kelly -- I had to get over this new relationship, as I grew up with Regis and Kathy Lee. Regis likes to stare straight into the camera with a feigned look of concern and Kelly has a puckered Botox expression.

The View -- this was a weird bird's eye view camera angle. Do they really need cranes for a daytime talk show? I guess so. Well anyways Whoopi is the best thing that happened to daytime tv.


Alexa said...

These are FANTASTIC. Also gives me a preview of my life in a few months, when my little one arrives!

Ms. Bathtub said...

Ah now that TV is gone, and we haven't set up our new tv box, I can see TV through watercolor! Thanks Shannon

loaded hips press said...

Alexa I'm trying to fight the urge to get cable...

Ms. Bathtub our reception is still iffy. There's no more snow!