08 March 2009

Visit to Vintage/Collectibles Show at Portland Expo Center

Yesterday I had a chance to visit my sweet friend Lulu at the Vintage & Collectible show at the Portland Expo Center. I rode the Max and marveled at the public art (pssst -- hey Trimet, I heard you're getting $44 million dollars from the stimulus package, so you don't have to cut my 33 Fremont busline, CAPEESH?) I got on the Max at a stop that is really close the warehouse where my old art studio used to be. They had just built the max line right before I moved out. I felt a little nostalgic to be there.

Some of the public art at the Albina/Mississippi stop:

It's just a short ride to the Expo Center, and the Max takes you around the Vanport wetlands area, a protected marsh that I had never seen before. It's home to over a 100 species of birds.

The vintage show itself was a bit overwhelming. Even though I had my friend's booth number with me, I got a little mixed-up with the way the aisles were marked, and I ended up walking up and down the wrong aisle. And there was soo much to look at, it was hard to stay focused. Perhaps the most amazing thing I saw (and really, there were so many amazing things to see, but the one thing that I can distinctly remember in particular) --- a vintage Steiff bear, with castors on its feet, poised on all four feet and of proportions so that a child could ride it. Steiff stuffed animals are pretty remarkable to begin with, as they are handsewn, jointed, and have real animal fur. But to see a vintage Steiff, and to see it so large, was really kind of special. There was some wear and tear on the back of the bear, where its original owner had used the bear for its intended purpose. I imagine a turn of the century well-to-do little boy in a sailor suit posing on top. You can fulfill this fantasy for a mere $400 (although based on other vintage Steiff prices now I'm wondering if this bear is just a replica.)

Eventually I found my friend Lulu's booth, and as usual she looked adorable and her space was full of really cool vintage clothing and accessories:

I thought I might walk away from the show with some vintage children items for my baby room, (quick, before the CPSIA sends it all the LANDFILL!!) but instead my only purchases were some very cool French postcards from the early 1900s. Of course I have to share them with you:

He: And the height from the knee to the hip proves that you are an adorably made little lady...

He: And you know, if I get married, my uncle will give me a good dowry!
She: Oh really! ... how much?

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baba-yaga said...

This blog is a work of art in-and-of-itself! Thank you for the fun commentary & layout of visuals, loaded hips! baba-barb