23 March 2009

Belly Update

After being absolutely blown away by the generosity of my friends during our baby shower, where we accumulated baby's entire wardrobe, and enough food to turn our fridge into a gourmet Mexican restaurant, I can only think now of my belly and await our new family member (who is currently taking a break from jabbing my ribs.)

Hooray for mommy blogs! I found this really simple tutorial from See Mommy Sew on turning a regular skirt pattern into a maternity skirt. Using some old fabric from my mom, this was the first skirt I turned out:

That was my belly in January. It's quite a bit bigger now, and the skirt is still fitting rather nicely. I've since realized that the tutorial works well with pre-existing skirts too. So slowly my old skirts are turning "maternity." I used to be afraid of elastic waistbands but now I understand their comfort. Just get the sweatpants image out of your head and everything will be ok. Although the ladies at the fabric store were curious as to what exactly I was going to do with 5 yards of 3" elastic. As if my belly didn't tell the story.

Not to keep going on and on about my belly (but well, this is the Belly Update) here's a funny little picture my friend Carye of Red Bat Press took of me messing around with my friend the Chandler & Price letterpress. As you can see, belly + feeding board don't work well.

mental note: no goofy faces when someone has a camera.

Ok, here's the latest belly picture. It's still actually from a month ago so we're even bigger now.

Can I just add that things I never knew could be sore are sore right now? And um more sore things to come. I know. And my belly button is doing some really crazy things.

Happy spring everybody. The narcissus here are a bit stunted. I look forward to the cherry blossoms, which are slowly awakening, and my new friend to emerge, who will hopefully not trash my body when he makes his appearance.


Pim said...

I love to see those pictures! You really are RADIANT!

suzanne said...

Hi Shannon!

I never even knew you had this website!!! It's so awesome. And you look so happy. You are in labor right now as I'm writing this I can't wait to hear the news. Do you share this site with others or is it all your artwork?