17 January 2009

Change of Plans

After running into my friend Carye Bye in the letterpress room, and having much needed catching up time with her, we decided to take down our show at the IPRC without having a closing party. We originally wanted to have an artists talk and closing party since our opening was upstaged by the VP debates everyone was so hungry to see. Since then we've decided we're ready to take the work down and be done. And after making a discovery that Justin the IPRC director erroneously referred to me as "Broken Hips Press" in several publications - which really kinda makes me giggle -- I think I'm ready to end the show without any fanfare.

So! You have until Friday, January 30th to check out the show if you haven't already done so. And it's a good excuse for you to check out the Independent Publishing Resource, hang out in the zine library in the cozy chairs with unbathed hipsters and other random sorts. I guarantee you will be entertained in some fashion.

photos by Emily...

me holding a sketch by Patrick entitled "Buck vs. Bye"

That's me on the right. Note my pre-preg belly in the sketch - I can no longer fit into that plaid skirt.


Emily said...

Well. Allow me to just say that anyone who opted to watch the VP debates really missed out on a wonderful opening.

Broken hips! Ha!

loaded hips press said...

I know! Weren't the snacks fantastic.
Thanks again for taking pictures.