31 January 2009

Baby Things

Suddenly I find myself desiring things I never imagined I could.

Like miniature shoes:

And onesies with hip sayings:

(thanks Emily!!)

And um... $260 high chairs:

Wait...you've got to see the demo to really understand how cool this is.


Sally said...

ooh, lovely
great onesie

and I saw your heads on the front page etsy the other day - yay!

Pim said...

That's one hell of a highchair! XO

Alexa said...

Oh my lawd that high chair. That goes on my baby registry list!

loaded hips press said...

Oh Pim, if only there were dog registries!

Alexa - yes, add to list - lifetime of use! It's on my list. Attention loved ones ...

Sally - oh hi!