29 December 2008


I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and have accepted the fact that I need to take a break from using the letterpress. I can no longer reach the lever, as there is a clash between my belly and the feeder board. I've been really in tune with my body, more so than ever before. Now I listen and accept what my body tells me. Usually, it tells me to eat more bacon. And drink water. So I do. It's been working out, the baby is growing just fine. I can finally feel the baby, which really helps validate this idea that I'm not crazy, there really is something growing in there.

So, letterpress printing, historically, has been a male dominated field. That's obviously not the case nowadays but originally it was. The men were printers and the wives did the copy editing. Most old school printers will tell you things like use kerosene to clean your rollers and wash your hands with turpentine. And when they say "Ink is in my veins" they're talking about the best printer's ink -- which contained lead. And then there's the type, which is all lead.

So back to my body. Suddenly the 6 years of letterpress printing has got me wondering. What toxic home have I made for my baby? But I'm not going to dwell too much on this ... it couldn't possibly do me any good. The point is, I'm taking an indefinite break from the letterpress and focusing on other little things, like these:

They're still in the production phase, but I just wanted to share. It's because I feel charmed to have a baby in my belly. Especially considering all the wrong things I've done to my body, it's nice to be given a second chance to do things right.


mizu designs said...

These little pieces are just amazing! I love their quirkiness. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Emily said...

The charms are even more spectacular then I imagined!

loaded hips press said...

Thanks everybody!

amber perrodin said...

after much clicking of links i somehow found your little haven here. and im glad that i did...i LOVE what you do. i too am a printer and i wanted to give you some peace of mind. i recently had a baby (last august) and continually worried about what harm or toxic womb my baby was growing in because of all the time i had spent printing. even after telling myself i wasnt going to worry it always lingered in the back of my mind. BUT, it was all for nothing, because i now have a beautiful healthy little girl. so dont worry....printmaking mammas make the best babies!!

loaded hips press said...

Hey thanks for your comment, Amber. It's great to hear from other printmaking mommies. I'll keep eating my veggies and think positive.