04 November 2008

It's Over. It's the Beginning!

We spent the past 4 hours watching the numbers.
We can't believe it, that it was over so quickly.

And now, we can wake up tomorrow in a new world. A new relationship with other nations.

And for Obama to win by a landslide -- to know that everyone else really wanted this too, that our nation isn't split in two -- and to hear John McCain so graciously concede, to know that dignities remain in tact.

And that I can afford the health care for my baby, and baby can enter into this world with a historic president who brought with him a campaign of hope. I thank you, voters, and my baby thanks you.


The Heart Of Portland said...

um...wow. And neat. I had this absurd idea that tonight couldn't possibly be anymore pleasant, only to come home and find this. Am I allowed to make cynicism-free comments now or am required to wait until January?

And did I mention wow?

loaded hips press said...

(gasp!) You do read my blog!

Yup, it's true!

Why January? Gonna make some resolutions?

When are you going to blog again??

The Heart Of Portland said...

Of course I read your blog. Just because we go years at a time without seeing or speaking to each other doesn't mean that I don't care enough to stalk you on the internet.

Writing will be happening soon. I can feel it. Like indigestion. But worse.

Janice La Verne said...

oops, feel a bit as if I am intruding,

but, wanted to send congrats! how wonderful, a baby!

janice from eugene

loaded hips press said...

Thank you Janice!!

artslice said...

Wow, what exciting news! Congrats :) When are you due? Take good care of yourself!