14 October 2008

Here's the Show

My goodness, I've forgotten to blog again! Really there's just been so much frettin and fussin over here ... who wants to blog? I just can't write about all the worrying I've been trying not to do. About the you-know-what. You know, that thing. That stuff that happens in November. See, there goes my stomach again. We're not going to think about it right now. I'm tired of the ugly comments all over the internets. Shame on y'all.

Instead I'd like to say thank you to my dear friend Emily who was wonderful and brought a camera to our opening that took place on Oct 2... You can find the pictures here in her flickr account (thank you Emily!)

This way to the pictures...

Carye and I spent a lot of time putting this show together, outlining the process that both of us use to make our prints. It was fun trying to dig through all my old photos and sketchbooks to find all the materials. I'm the kind of person who will doodle on anything and then store it all in boxes in no particular order. Which makes sorting through it much like opening a time capsule.

The show is up til the end of Jan. So there's plenty of time to visit the IPRC if you live in the Northwest.

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