21 August 2008

Print Exchange and Fungus Update

Recently I volunteered to participate in a print exchange with other Etsy printmakers. The theme is "Seasons" which we don't have very many of here in the Pacific Northwest, nor did I really experience growing up in the South. But my garden is always an inspiration and at the time, the Rudbeckia had just woken up and there was suddenly these amazing yellows and ambers and vertical contours in the yard. Here's the print from beginning to end, starting with my silly little still life and simple drawing to my make-shift registration system:

I normally use a C&P clam-shell table-top letterpress to print my linoleum blocks, but for this series, I thought I'd try the masochistic way of hand printing. I rigged up a very primitive registeration system consisting of cardboard corners to hold the paper in place and used a barren given to me by a dear friend.

If you don't know about Printsy, you can find a link somewhere over there on the right to the Printsy blog. It's a street team and flickr group of Etsy printmakers who specialize in hand-printed works of art. If you'd like to join, I think there's contact info on the blog. There are so many amazing printmakers on Etsy it just blows my mind.

Now here's a fungus update. The little nubs have opened to form these fluffy mushrooms:


Lisa said...

oh bummer - i wish i would have had time to do the print exchange! beautiful print!

Janice La Verne said...

love the print!

i am afraid of mushrooms. when they pop up in the yard i want to scream and run away. eeeuuu... i have admiration for your appreciative attitude.

hope all is well. LOVE your blog. so glad you are posting more...

Janice from Eugene