07 August 2008

Four Things I Saw Recently That I have Never Seen In Person Before

1. Sandollars

Where I grew up, sandollars are white, brittle as bones, and can only be found whole in gift shops. Did you know they are in fact a darkish brown color when alive and are really quite soft and spongy to the touch? I didn't, until this weekend, when I had to keep from stepping on them in the sand.

2. Clams

Really I never had a clue what a clam actually looked like, besides a tiny chewy bit in my clam chowder. Well, the mystery of the clam was unveiled to my eyes more than I cared to see. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... the clam:


3. the Canadian border

It has always been so easy to cross into Canada. You just get on a bus from Seattle and they whisk you into a customs office where they politely ask you why you want to visit Canada and then they send you on your merry way. Well, not anymore. Canada has changed its stance on us American riffraff and I can't say I blame them. So while we skipped along the beautiful gardens in Blaine Washington, the Canadian border officers were quick to notice us slinking our way past the border. "You, over there, you need to check in with customs...." they yelled to us. Without our passports, we retreated back to America...

and, speaking of America.... number 4 is...

the bald eagle

Nope, I've never seen a bald eagle with my own eyes until now. It is really a remarkable creature. It was like a flying dog, it was huge. Those talons are as big as my head. It just sat there, perched and turning its head around and around, and I was completely in awe. And now I can finally replace in my mind the image of the bald eagle -- no longer will I see a monster truck and a gun rack and a furling American flag behind it. Now I will think of the bald eagle as a silent, graceful flying dog. Thank goodness.


Emily said...

That clam is nuts! I also had no idea!

How wonderful to see 'real' sand dollars. As you may know, they are my favorites.

I'm so glad you are home sweet home, my dear!

Janice La Verne said...

that clam is the scariest thing i have ever seen, and altho' i am prone to exaggeration in this case i think i am telling the truth.

wow, eagle...

how is the art world?

janice from eugene

loaded hips press said...

Hi Janice!

I'm working on some new paintings, although these days the tv's been on and it's hard to tear myself away from the Olympics....how about you?