18 August 2008

Feral and Fungi

Lately I've been really inspired by my garden, artistically and spiritually. So many fascinating things are going on in this little world. New things are constantly blooming and dying and transforming.

So I shouldn't have been too amazed when my little lemon tree that hasn't really been doing so well suddenly took a turn for the worse.... flowers were dropping off like flies, leaving me disappointed that we wouldn't have any lemons this year, but then ... even worse... I realized there were little ... tiny ... um ... things ... growing...

that resemble ...

....a Louise Bourgeois sculpture....

and the leaves on the azalea plant starting turning brown and falling... and suddenly this weird meringue-like substance appeared at the base of the plant.

Were we just egged by gourmet cooks?

And there's been a little feral kitten running through our yard, living in the neighbor's fig tree. It's made appearances for the past two weeks, but won't let us come near him... until yesterday. We were making strides in our relationship, I was down on the ground and he actually let me touch him. I thought his purring meant "I'm ready for you to pick me up now" but he let me know right away of our communication breakdown. Here's my battle scars.

Off to go put some ointment on my arms.

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