16 July 2008

Today's Card is The Fool

Today, my card is the Fool.

Maybe the satire of the Fool's journey will somehow commiserate the lackluster sales of Loaded Hips Press.

It's funny how these things work. Since my attention to painting, and the focus of my energy on the show in the Basil Hallward gallery, (and, well, my family, my garden, being outside in the sun) perhaps I've self-sabotaged the printmaking endeavors. It's been hard to focus on new work, when there's a nagging feeling that I should just close my Etsy shop all together and start on something entirely new... and the inability to "brand" my work, since that seems to be the special secret that leads to success.

I like to think that my work is like Sybil, with thirteen or so different characters batting around inside the same head, and branding seems like herding them all into a straight-jacket.

Which probably sounds really naive.

Which leads us back to the Fool.

I don't even have any Hollywood Babylon post-it note drawings to share with you.

I started a Frances Farmer, but she's just a face, smiling slyly, waiting for her straight-jacket


Emily said...

Maybe Sybil IS your brand. 13 artists in one!

artslice said...

Don't worry about your sales, your work is lovely and there's a recession going on, ya know?

I saw your paintings at the Powell's gallery last week when we were visiting Portland... they were great, a very nice show!!


loaded hips press said...

hi Brenda -- thanks for stopping by!

Oh god, you're right. Can anyone afford the gas to go camping or hiking this year?

Jess said...

I was just browsing Crafty WOnderland's vendors and found you through a link from Red Bat Press. I am also a handcrafter/artist and know exactly how you feel about the whole business/art/family/money thing. I make clothing, and recently closed my company after 6 years of hard work and dedication. Branding is very hard, but once you get it, everything else comes more naturally. My advice is: don't give up on your dream, ever, maybe that dream will change but always keep it close to your heart ;)
The economy sucks now, and unfortunately for people like us that means the squeeze is on...who would have thought that going hiking or camping would become an extravagance!

loaded hips press said...

Thanks, Jess for sharing your experience. It must have been a hard decision to make, to close your business venture and shift gears.

Janice La Verne said...

okey, dokey ms. loaded hips press,

i don't even know you and your blog and your work in your etsy shop are at the top of my favorite list.

if i lecture you, i'm lecturing me at the same time. i'm ALWAYS jumping back and forth between printmaking and painting. Between projects and thought and doings. i envy artists whose studios do only one thing.
"landscape painter".

but, i'm good and you are good too. so there.

it would be ok to close your shop, but i would really miss it and my visits to it.

i'm 55 and pretty happy right now, but if i could do anything over it would be to do what i really wanted earlier in life (when others were telling and i was doing).

the fool is open to infinite possibility. that's good!

well, this was quite a ramble, sorry if it was a bit much.

janice from eugene

loaded hips press said...

Thanks, Janice from eugene. Your thoughts as always are so welcome here. I hope my mom is reading this!!!!