29 June 2008

We're Not Used To That and My Upcoming Show

Here in Portland, we're not used to that big bright ball in the sky you might call the sun, and yesterday it was in the 90s. I rode my bike around town and burst into flames. I meet a friend in Southeast and it was the nice folks at Jace Gace who cooled us down with an ice cold glass of mint & fennel iced tea and some scrumptious wonderful waffles. Yes, waffles. We had the curry asparagus savory waffle (the curry was more like gravy) and the tiramisu waffle oozing with mascarpone and espresso syrup... mmmmmmmm! This is my new favorite place to be. And across the street in Colonel Sumner Park we happened upon the Multnomah County Bike Fair where my friend (who was riding sans helmet, and making me really nervous!) bought an awesome new bike helmet for only $10, and they lovingly fit it to her head. Thank goodness!

That said I need to get to the point and write about my upcoming show... well how about just some little teasers, first:


Janice La Verne said...

have i missed something? (well that would not be an unusual event) where and when is the show? i want to go, we are overdue for a trip to p.land.

please advise, many thanks,
Janice from eugene

loaded hips press said...

Hi Janice... I've been neglecting the blog, sadly, and haven't mentioned the show! Egads!

The opening is this Thursday, July 3rd, 7pm at Powells Books. I'll post some more info tonight, promise.

Do come! The paintings will be up all month. Although, I'm a little nervous about it, they aren't at all like anything else I've made...

Emily said...

Yay Waffles!
Yay helmets!