04 June 2008

Same random paper ephemera

Things I've been meaning to blog about --

This beautiful library card:

I like that it says "fee will be charged if ... mutilated."

This drawing of Marjane Satrapi, which I made while sitting in the front row of her Portland lecture in April, completely enamored:

Since it's been a couple of months since the lecture, I can only share my chicken-scratch notes, which read:

"Short knit black dress
black tights
button down
collared shirt
movie = passivity
she said "melancholy" funny
leads to exile
drawing = human being/God in his image
Not Without My Daughter barf
Umberto Eco
culture clash
east vs. west
guns = (?can't read my writing) her country
Flaubert Dostoevsky
Iran/Iraq war 1988 end"

There was so much more to her talk of course but I think I was just giggling too much to write it all down, and pinching myself...for more concise information about her life and work please visit here

My apologies for the random nature of this post. Both items were recently discovered when I cleaned out my bag.


Emily said...

I love your notes from this lecture. They are so YOU!

artslice said...

Love that old library card, where did your find such a treasure? Your lecture notes are fabulous, so funny... if you could read people's thoughts during a conversation, they may sound something like those notes. :)