02 June 2008

Rosalind Franklin, I'm thinking of you

I'm thinking of you, because James Watson is under fire for his comments about race and genetics (read the interview with Henry Gates Jr and Watson here)

I'm thinking about you, because I want to feel confident that your contributions to the genetics model will yet enter into the debate. But you are no longer here and you're an unwilling/unknowing voice to the Double Helix.

I dedicate this painting to you. Your reading is the 7 of swords.

I'm no chemist and I'm trying to teeter off this soapbox... I'll meet you at the bar stool...

1 comment:

Emily said...

Actually 3 comments in one!

1) YSL RIP. OMG. I<3 U.
2) I'm intrigued by this post. I have some reading to do!
3) I really hope you post your Hollywood Babylon inspired pieces some where. They are SO great.