10 June 2008

Drawing on Post-It Notes

I often find myself drawing at work. On work materials. In a timely manner that does not conflict with my work ethic, nor in a way that expends said work materials in any way (*ahem* Hi Beth and Serra, my supervisors!) Take for example this new series I like to call Hollywood Babylon on Post-Its. Since I often need to write the date on post-it notes, and recently I devoured Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger (the scrumptious tabloid of yesteryear) it was only natural the two would co-exist via the highlighter in my hand (btw it's impossible to properly scan the highlighter colors!) Please enjoy, and do send me your work art, if you have any to share. I would love to see it, and add to the collection.

Blue Dahlia

Heroin Chic

Jean Harlow with Big Teeth

Big Bottle o' Poison


Emily said...

As you know, these are just my favorites ever ever ever!

kelly rae said...

SO fun to find you in etsy, flickr, and blogworld today shannon!

loaded hips press said...

Hi Kelly!! Yay!