18 May 2008


Oh my, has it really been ten days since we last blogged? It has something to do with the sun... a rare sight for us here in Portland. We're overcome with the sudden urgency to stay outside at all costs, far away from computers or desks.

So, there's nothing new to share today, besides the killer bar-b-que we just had and my garden which is blowing up right now. My Etsy shop, perhaps sensing my negligence and carefree ways, is a little *ahem* slow... right... now....

I did come across these old art cards I made a couple of years ago, which are fun and perhaps will inspire. Enjoy! Oh, and if you live in the Portland area, scroll down on the right hand side over there, you'll find a link that leads to info on the Portland artist trading cards meetings.

1 comment:

True Bloom said...

They certainly do inspire - they're great. Know exactly what you mean about the sun, you have to make the most of it while it's here - your blog will forgive you!