06 May 2008

She Has Arrived!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
I've finally got the newest project up for sale on Etsy.

Silkscreen is something I never considered doing before, being mostly an etching and relief print fan, but I've been temporarily converted! I highly encourage anyone with a spray attachment on their sink to explore the world of screen printing. There was time to throw a print on an old t-shirt:

Shazam! I feel like a magician.


Emily said...

You ARE magic! Shazam indeed!
um, http://tastemakerschoice.com/item/104

loaded hips press said...

Ahem! Was just about to go there anyway....

Lisa said...

hey - i love this series!
and LOVE the Tshirt, i went to your etsy shop but no Ts
are you going to sell them?

loaded hips press said...

Thanks Lisa!

No shirts for sale - but I'm considering it. They looked really nice in burgundy.