14 April 2008

How Could I Resist

It's the CLEVER LEVER MEGA CRAFT PUNCH by Marvy Uchida, in the scalloped oval shape. I found it at the Paper Zone. I tried to look away, but it called to me and whispered in my ear. It cuts so smoothly. It makes a satisfying "ca-chunk" sound. So soothing. What would I want with a scalloped oval shape, you say? Gift tags. Photo frames. You can do this:

And this:

1 comment:

Emily said...

Oh dear God. OH DEAR GOD. That's one hell of a punch.
Do you know how happy you make me? Very.

If you drew a picture of a potato, and then cut it out with your new punch, would it be scalloped potato(s)?

Buh dum CHING.