11 March 2008

Silk Screenin'

First silk screen run ever. This is really addictive!
I used a $6 work lamp from the hardware store and the Speedball Photo-Emulsion kit and I found a screen at a thrift store.

This is cheaper than gocco, kids! Although it does involve using lots of water and strange chemicals.


Emily.lavelle@gmail.com said...

THIS LOOKS SO GREAT! This is my fave image ever!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Looks fantastic!

And yeah I know it is cheaper than gocco but for lazy bums like me it is the only way I will do screenprinting. Cleaning gocco screens is hard enough!

loaded hips press said...

Yes silk screening with baby would be basically impossible!

I shouldn't knock the gocco. It is really a remarkable invention. But I'm troubled by the little light bulbs, and cleaning & trying to re-use the screens is not fun.