12 March 2008

Do you know about SCRAP?

The School and Community Reuse Action Project is a Portland non-profit committed to the environmentally sustainable and creative reuse of materials in the community. Check out their website for more info, they offer tons of outreach programs, workshops, and volunteer opportunities: http://www.scrapaction.org

How cool is that?

I've been taking a short break from printing and dusted off my sewing machine to help contribute this reusable shopping bag to sell in the store as a fundraiser. Holy crap it's due by Saturday! Time to get off the internets and get back to work!!


Emily.lavelle@gmail.com said...

I love that fabric! Will you put a photo of the finished product up?

loaded hips press said...

Check it out, Emily!

Now someone has to go to SCRAP to find out how to buy it...