15 January 2008

Was It A Year Ago?

I've been working on a new block print. Here's a sneak peak:

Today I was thinking about the racks that hold my cds and how they would make awesome drying racks for my prints, and I should get rid of all my cds because they are these dusty plastic cases in the corner of my room, and they date me. Someone said I should put all my music on an ipod. An ipod. Really I don't need an ipod, I should just get rid of my music. When was the last time I listened to Unwound?

See, these would be perfect drying racks.

Oh and was it a year ago, or two? That my friend Leah brought back these beautiful prints from Japan:

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love those Japanese prints! Beautiful.

I can't wait to see that new block print in action!