01 January 2008

My Longest Blog Post Ever

I admire those who are dedicated bloggers, who pick a theme and explore it fully. Who spend countless hours scouring the internet for little gems, or documenting their endeavors. Perhaps this could be a new year's resolution of mine. To focus. To be honest though, it's unlikely. Blogging still presents so many quandaries for me. How much do we really want to know about someone? I don't find that I trust their information (or mine!) any more in person or online. Yet there are several blogs I check every now and then, and this somehow fills a void and makes me feel connected. To what I don't know. Maybe it's the idea of investing emotion into our technology. Who knows.

My art studio has imploded. I have no idea what to do with myself.

The blue monster in the middle would be half of the things that occupy my studio, pushed together in the middle of the room and covered with a tarp. The walls have been finished with drywall and a textured mud mixture was blasted on with this weird machine you can rent at Home Depot.

It's stinky and messy and hard to focus while this is going on. However it's forced me to stop drawing stop painting and stop organizing and instead get on my bike and ride down to the movie theater.

Have you ever watched a movie in the theater by yourself? It is really one of my favorite things to do. You can completely disassociate yourself and give in to the movie. If it's a bad movie, you are free to get up and walk out, which I have done several times. You can cry and laugh at inappropriate times without having to answer to your friends later.

So anyways I watched I'm Not There the new Todd Haynes movie a disjointed con
eration based on Bob Dylan. Who likes Bob Dylan these days? Am I fan of Todd Haynes? It is nice to think of him as a movie director putting Portland on the map but I haven't decided what I think of his movies. The mockumentary style is getting old, and David Cross as Alan Ginsberg was fun but confusing - I forgot what we were getting into, thinking it was supposed to Spinal Tap or sketch comedy. But I guess that was the point, we weren't supposed to take anything seriously, because Bob Dylan wouldn't? There's a scene that focuses on Charlotte Gainsbourg's character, based on Sara the mother of Dylan's children, as she's watching the troop withdrawal from Vietnam. The camera closes in on her face. And I felt like oh my god these things NEVER END, and the movements of the sixties are nothing but a joke with commercial value, which again I guess is the point of this movie or Bob Dylan or whatever. There was plenty of good acting and cameos and I am utterly mesmerized by the fabulous Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan, she made this movie completely worth seeing. I went home and dug up my copy of Freewheelin and thought about this line, maybe the producers of I'm Not There thought about it while making this film:

I met a young child beside a dead pony...

Some other things we thought about today:
first year lawyers make more money than judges do, what happened in Rosewood Florida in 1923, Tunafish Sandwich Piece is proof that Yoko Ono was John Lennon's soulmate which means everyone has a soulmate, Dave Grohl pitching a song to Kurt Cobain is funny to think about - I mean who ever listens to the drummer.


Emily said...


They say that size doesn't matter, but now I think maybe it does!

I feel like I got my money's worth with that post. So thanks!

loaded hips press said...

hey emily....

Tunafish STINKsandwich Piece.
That's what today was.