26 November 2007

Guess That Plot!

Which is the real plot. Go ahead, guess:

1. Darcy Davis was having doubts. She couldn't quite place her finger on it, but there was a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her mother seemed quite taken with Branson McGee, and had urged Darcy to go along with him on the romantic Spanish journey that he offered. Her mother was thinking a marriage proposal could only come of it. But Darcy wasn't hearing wedding bells... and what about the strange figures in the morning mists? What family secrets was Branson keeping? Only hilarity could follow in this madcap tale of fun and foolery set in the glory of the Pyrenees!

2. Somerled Sinclair returned from Kenya to his Scottish castle home to find it shrouded in debts and difficulties. He unknowingly blamed Alison Graham for the many changes that had taken place - changes he disliked. It was a long time before he discovered the change in himself and admitted that Alison was happily responsible for that too!

Okay now what would you write for the back of this book cover?

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