03 September 2007

Why do you hesitate?

Can you not draw objects as freely as you can write their names and speak words about them?

Do you aim for a style with recognizable visual vocabulary?

Do you polish up the work beyond its bare aesthetic elements?

Do you add ingratiating elements beyond the raw aesthetic basis?

Are you saddled with nature propaganda?

Are you afraid to exercise vigor, seek surprise?

Do you recognize any points of attainment?

Do they change? Is there a final goal?

If you could, would you overthrow the present values of harmony and tradition?

Do you think museums are your friend and do you think they will be interested in your work?

Do you ever think you will make a living from museums?

Do you ever think acclaim can help you? Can you trust it?

What has caused this mental block?

(questions from sculptor Tony Smith)


Rob said...

Actually, these quotes are by Davis Smith, delivered a Skohegan in 1957 or '58. Nevertheless, they're exceptional.

Rob said...

Sorry, that's David Smith...

loaded hips press said...

Ah, thanks. It's been so long, I need to check my source on this!