25 September 2007


Today I found this book in the free bin at work:

I love old crafty books, it's how I learned most of what I do.

This book is on Ebay right now for 3.99.

It shows you how to make very random things, like a serving knife, cake holder, a photogram, a weather vane, a day bed... etc.

I'm totally making this:

The text reads:

"A good record collection needs special care - even the new LP's can warp. This cabinet will solve this problem and also allow you to take out a stack of records and sort them on the shelf... Note the lettering on the top moulding, identifying the various kinds of records for easy selection. The letters come in decalcomania type of sheets, available in art supply stores, and can be removed easily."

Decalcomania?? I love how the music categories are comprised of "songs" "instruments" ... "dance" and "pop". I'm rearranging my music collection this way.

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