16 September 2007

All Things Small

This weekend, my cousin stopped by on her way to Seattle to the Ohio state game. Not a football fan myself but I'm always excited when someone's really into something (and it was good to see my cousin.) We made buckeyes in her honor (Ohio state being the Buckeyes.) If you've never had a buckeye, it's like a fancier version of a peanut butter cup, but fashioned just like a real buckeye, which is some kind of nut, I think.

So I couldn't help but get excited by the process of making the buckeyes, which created a terrain of these peanut butter ball armies:

And then I got inspired to remain on this small scale, and found myself painting these itty bitty paintings. They're about the size of my palm. Don't let that picture fool you, that paintbrush has hairs the size of eyelashes!


Andrew Brookins said...


I was sorry to learn of the passing of your cat. Please accept my condolences.

On a different note, thank you for mentioning ad-story.org, which is the home of The Anonymous History Project.

If you are interested in seeing ads read live, by people, I invite you to attend a weekly open mic where I test the performances. This is Incubator, at the Someday Lounge. The event runs from 9 p.m. until around midnight. Other than readings, Incubator often features live music and performance. I encourage you to bring any of your own talents to lay before the audience.

I liked your blog. Reading it, I figured you were probably one of my coworkers. I seem to recall enjoying a "buckeye" recently. If I am wrong, then I hope my suggestion of our physical proximity does not make you uncomfortable.

Kind regards,
Andrew Brookins

loaded hips press said...


You crack me up.

And yes I would like to check out the Incubator. Is that Tuesday nights?