30 August 2007

Swamp Mama

Today I told stories of how I grew up in a swamp in Florida.

That would be my new favorite TIGER shirt from Lulu's secret storage-space stash. Thank you, Lulu! (Find her link to the right under Linky Links)

Speaking of vintage, will someone please buy this for me:

It's an absolutely exquisite 1930's silk dress. You can find it at Dorothea's Closet Vintage

Some things on my mind right now: New Orleans. New Orleans. New Orleans. I had a ticket to New Orleans, when a hurricane came and turned the airport into a morgue. Praying for New Orleans tonight.

My muggy studio. Want to see it? This is about as "neat" as I can get. Note the freshly printed cards:


Emily said...

Best blog yet, I say.
You are the cutest jungle bunny of them all!

lulu said...

Hello Shannon,
You look great in the tiger shirt! I am glad that it went to a good home!