15 July 2007

Stinky Wedding Ephemera

Mysterious found ephemera!

A book of wedding advertisements from Portland, Oregon. The marriage record inside is from May 1927 from the Holy Cross Rectory. I found it one week before my wedding day - cosmic, huh?

Sadly, the book has been ravaged by icky mildew. It's stink-y! But I can share with you the treasures inside, minus the nasal discomfort, thanks to wonders of this internet phenomena. Most of the book's content seems to be preparing the wife for her life of servitude.

The electric company address is right next to what is now the Atheist Community Center, who knew we had one of those? Of course the Dekum building is still around. I can't even think of what's on 10th & Belmont, can you?

1 comment:

emily lavalentine said...

I love this. Love love.
10th and Belmont? Would that be 'Squeeze'?