19 June 2007

We've joined the blogosphere

Golly, my first blog.


So...um background. Loaded Hips was first a zine, which I sadly abandoned once I became obsessed with printmaking. It was Clutch McBastard who first called me "Loaded Hips Press" once I started making cards and so that's where that came from. Then the website, it was a place for all of my artwork. Now the blog, where the zine and the art can live like Oscar & Felix. Enough! I can't stand it anymore we have to watch this now:

Did you make it to the very end? Scary, huh? I LOVE it. Jane & Fran├žoise giving a little advice on how to dump a guy? I think? Why in a parking garage? Why the motorcycle? Why the Shaka zulu dance? Anyone?

Here's the latest stuff I'm making, more of these ladies:


Emily said...

Golly indeed!
I'm so PUMPED that you are blogging.
Now I get to obsessively check your blog for posts and HOUND you when you aren't posting enough!

barb b-day sister said...

i love your multi-media art-blog!
you are inspiring! 'can't wait to see & hear more from you, shannon!

lulu said...

tres bizarre!

welcome to the wild, wacky and wonderful world of blogging shannon!

Bolty said...

Or just use the Sage feed and add Loaded Hips so you can see whenever she's updated!


That's what I'm a-doin'.