26 June 2007

Packin Our Suitcase

Guess what.
Loaded Hips is going to Vegas!!!!!!!

I'll post details & photos when we're back on Monday, July 1. There's going to be lots of Elvis and Star Trek Experience to share with you all.

In the meantime, check out this hot bathing suit Lulu referred me to. I have been searching for the perfect bathing suit this year, and we've finally met:

Thanks Lulu for the tip. You too can find this and other fabulous vintage swimsuits at Retrodress


Amanda said...

i really like your blog already! i think you should have like a sub-section of the blog dedicated to '60s french vedettes...! i would promise to comment on your posts all the time :), and in french.

anyway, i *love* the navy polkadot suit - you'll be set to tan and drink martinis pool-side in vegas!


emily lavalentine said...

Yes, that's the swimsuit alright.
Cannot Wait to hear about Vegas.
Hurry home!

loaded hips press said...

Hi Librarian Amanda!

Nice to see you blogging. I think we do indeed need some French ladies. I loved Band à Part. Maybe you could be my guest blogger.