20 June 2007

Accentuate the Positive!

Just putting this out there now, gentle bloggers:

This blog is only for good, and not evil. Meaning I won't use it as my ranting soapbox. Promise.

Guess what. I'm getting married. It's going to be really stinkin' hot, but here's going to be fried chicken and lavender ice cream, and I'm going to wear this dress:

here's the dress

Some words we didn't like at work today:


something I overheard, and did like:

"Was someone just making puppy noises?"


emily lavalentine said...

I have a new favorite blog!

Rochelle said...

me too! You are going to be so gorgeous. I hope you invite me, and if not then that i get to see pictures. Beauty. (you)

loaded hips press said...

Hi Rochelle!

How was your dance party? Did unicorns win? Will you invite me to your next one?

We're having a big party when we get back from Hawaii. We'll see you there!